Interview with the owner


This is Stephanie Malench and I am here with Dana Trame, owner of New You Wellness. I will let Dana introduce herself.

“As Stephanie said, my name is Dana Trame and I am a board certified nurse practitioner in the state of Illinois.”

What made you decide to start the New You Wellness Center? “I have been in health care for around 15 years now and the longer you are in healthcare you see more different breakdowns in the healthcare system where you get your hands tied on how to care for our patients. when we have a lot of insurance-based models where insurance will not pay for specific types of treatments. This was my big push I did feel there were a number of comorbidities that we could help with different medication and having more autonomy in our state to prescribe different medications to them to decrease their risk of different types of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease with a different type of business model we are more readily able to offer these services and medications and not have our hands tied with the insurance based model. “

Where are you located and why did you choose that location? “We are located in a small town called Trenton, IL and it is about 15-20 minutes from the O’Fallon and Fairview Heights area and we opened this location because this is where I grew up, I live very local to the area and wanted to provide the services to the patients without them having to drive 15-20 minutes to an appointment or have to go to St. Louis for these services. Our focus is on our local community, and I am trying to give back to the community I have lived in my entire life.”

What sets your business apart from the competition? “Since I have grown up here, most of my patients know me, or someone in my family or we went to high school together. I really like to have a community feel, I like my customers to feel comfortable with me, so I try to make a lot of different relationships with the people coming to me and give it a more personalized feel. I strive to spend at least an hour with my patients on their initial consultation so I can get a lot about their health history. We try to create community and a more quality and intimate time with our patients which is what sets us apart.”

Do any of your treatments or services take insurance for flex spending? “We do allow flex spending or health savings accounts that have a tax reduction rate and employer contributions. We do not accept commercial insurance because they do not want to pay for these types of services. We have the research and data to support the necessity for their overall health and wellness. It is unfortunate to fight tooth and nail for those services and still get denied by insurance companies so we use different pharmaceutical companies that we can utilize at a reduced rate that we can prescribe to our patients.”

What is your most popular service or item? “Our most popular service is absolutely medical weight loss. Our clinic also provides hormone replacement therapy for both men and women, but medical weight loss has become more popular in recent years due to the increase in very strong, very effective medications to help manage those. I have become very passionate because I, myself, struggled with weight loss after our second child and the dreaded 2020 COVID which got a lot of people. In addition to the medication, we also provide a lot of nutritional aspects, vitamins supplements, recipes, and exercise routines to give the most optimal results we can.” 

Do you have any closing remarks or anything you would like to add? “We are a very local clinic and I have been doing this for about a year and a half. We have successfully helped about 700 patients reach their overall health and wellness goals. So many individuals say you don’t need medication management to lose weight, or you don’t need medication management to balance your hormones. Statistically we don’t see that kind of results portraying these real-life examples. They need that extra support to get along on their journey. It’s very similar to other chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. We have lots of medications to manage those and you don’t just stop those medications when your blood pressure is controlled. We are really trying to shift the concept that obesity for some people is more of a hormonal imbalance, metabolic disease that needs more life-long or longer span of treatment and that is something that we provide and it is part of the philosophy I have adapted in my practice.”

What form are your medications in (Pills, shots, patches)? “All of the above, it depends on whether it is medical weight loss or hormone replacement therapy. For medical weight loss we have once weekly injections that you can take, and we also offer a lot of oral medications and vitamin supplements. For hormone replacement therapy it is very similar. We have injections, patches, creams, so based upon the patient’s goals and objectives we have lots of options.”

Again, where are you located and what is the best way to get a hold of you? “We are located in Trenton IL We have two different options, you can book a consultation online at or you can call our office at (618)368-2280, we also have some social media platforms such as Facebook where you can reach out to us as well.”

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